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The Ecwid E-commerce Show

Dec 13, 2019

Jesse and Richie discuss what to sell online if you don't already have a product. 

Passion vs. Profit

Creating content is key here and you want to enjoy your day when working.

Big markets vs. Niche

Trending products and fads

Price and profit margin determine advertising options

Manufacturing, Dropshipping, Print on...

Nov 25, 2019

Jesse and Rich talk with Kathleen Gambarelli who handles Group Product Marketing for Direct Response at Snapchat.

They discuss Snapchat as a visual communication platform and a introduction to the platform for newbies

Demographics of users

Stories, Spectacles, Filters

Pixel Installation

Dynamic Ads

Instant Create

Nov 18, 2019

Jesse and Richie dive deep into Pinterest and how e-commerce sellers can connect their store to this huge source of potential customers. The talk with Pinterest's Mandy Rosenthal - Partnerships Manager responsible for e-commerce integrations.

Pinterest as a visual search engine where people find inspiration

People use...

Nov 8, 2019

Jesse and Richie talk with Jaeleen Shaw the founder of Starting last year she and her husband have taken an offline flower cart and used their website and Instagram to build a business

They started offline selling flowers locally at farmers markets, pop-ups, weddings and events

We discuss:


Oct 25, 2019

Jesse and Richie talk with Josh Williams from Shipping Easy - the shipping solution that doesn't stop at shipping. 

They discuss how newbies can utilize a third party software addition to save money right away. 

Real life examples of customers who solved their issues

Customer lifecycle emails after shipping