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The Ecwid E-commerce Show

Aug 28, 2018

We talk with a store owner who first used the guestbooks for her own wedding many years ago and then bought the company when it came up for sale. 

Michelle and her husband are living the entrepreneurial dream and working on the business in a spare room while trying new tactics when they can.

We discuss email marketing,...

Aug 23, 2018

On this episode with take a completely different tack from tactical how to and we get deep with noted business author Michael Gerber who coined the phrase "work on your business not in your business". We start at the beginning of the entrepreneurial journey.


Intentional Dreaming

Feeling, Thinking


Aug 14, 2018

We have a discussion with who has created 50+ videos about Ecwid tactics on YouTube on her favorite tips for Ecwid merchants.

Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails

Coupon Codes

Cross sell / up sell

Multiple Stores


Aug 8, 2018

The final installment of the SEO 101 Series with John Lincoln.

We discuss the grunt work of Search Engine Optimization -- writing content. We discuss what to write about, how long should it be and how often should you do it.