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The Ecwid E-commerce Show

Jun 24, 2022

Content is key when it comes to driving traffic and sales for an online store.

That’s why we are dedicating a series of podcast episodes to explaining why content is so important for your ecommerce business. 

Tune in to the first episode of the Content Creation series. The host Rich will talk about the importance of both creating content, and creating content consistently. 

Why Is Content Crucial?
It’s vital to create content on a consistent basis to keep up your relationship with your audience.

People will more often buy from you if they have a connection with you and your message.

If you don't create meaningful content, Amazon and Walmart will almost always take potential customers because they can deliver cheaper and faster than anyone else.

How Content Drives Profits
Content can drive profits by increasing awareness of and driving attention to your business.

If your product is easily substitutable, in order to make a profit you have to define some sort of difference between you and your competition. 

You can use content to build awareness of who you and your company are, the practices you support, and the ideals you operate by. It helps customers get to know you and your brand’s value.

In our next episode, we'll talk about how to actually make content quickly and efficiently. Stay tuned!

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