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The Ecwid E-commerce Show

Aug 14, 2020

Since this is the Ecwid E-commerce show, if you're listening to this podcast right now you probably either have your own Ecwid store or about to start one.

On this show we're always covering ways to improve your store, drive traffic, advertise and other various ways to get more sales. We usually talk to people who are websites first and then go to marketplaces to expand their reach.

At Ecwid we obviously believe in having your own e-commerce store. We also believe there is an opportunity in taking advantage of the scale of Amazon.

On this episode we're going to be learning from somebody who focuses on specifically selling products on Amazon.

Our guest today Jon Tilley the founder/Creator

An All-In-One Private Label Seller Toolkit.

We cover picking a product as well as sourcing a product.

Learn more about Zonguru's Alibaba connection for sourcing product

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