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The Ecwid E-commerce Show

May 26, 2023

Join us in our latest podcast episode with email marketing guru Amandine Liepmann to discover the secrets of successful email marketing. 

Amandine Liepmann runs an email marketing agency ListBurst and sells pre-made templates for businesses. As a top 1% email marketer on Upwork, Amandine's insights and strategies are invaluable resources for business owners looking to improve their email marketing campaigns. 

Is Email Marketing Dead?
Amandine talks about the misconception that email marketing is no longer effective. In fact, it has an average ROI of $42 for every dollar invested. 

Best Practices for Growing an Email List
Amandine Liepmann advises entrepreneurs looking to grow their email list organically to place a signup link everywhere they can, from blog posts to social media profiles to website forms.

Amandine also discusses the success of interactive popups on websites that offer discounts to visitors. Interactive popups have a 9% opt-in rate, which is significant when compared to the standard popup's 3-4%.

Tools for Writing Email Copy
Amandine Liepmann advises writing without fear of judgment. She recommends using AI writing assistants like Jasper and ChatGPT, as well as using Grammarly, to help with grammar and context.

Must-Have Email Campaigns
Welcome emails have open rates between 50-80%, which is excellent, especially when compared to a standard email’s open rate of 20-30%.

Amandine also suggests having a template and creating custom segments. 

Abandoned carts and post-purchase follow-up emails can also be powerful. More advanced strategies, like product recommendation emails, can be implemented using customer data to suggest related products.

Less Is More
Amandine advises focusing on one call to action and one piece of information to keep email content concise. Interestingly, text-based emails with a succinct format tend to have the highest deliverability rates.

Test the Waters with AB Testing
Amandine recommends using MailChimp's AB testing feature to test different email ideas against each other. It's important to isolate one variable at a time when testing content, and A/B testing subject lines is an easy way to start.

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