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The Ecwid E-commerce Show

Jul 31, 2020

So you've always wanted to get started on Facebook advertising but, you thought you didn’t have the equipment, it would take too long, or it cost too much money to create and promote.

In this episode Dennis Yu & Kieran O'Brien will tell us how to get started with Facebook ads fast and easy. You will hear how, with only your phone, you can create the beginning of a Facebook ad campaign, in as little as one minute. Just when you thought that was too good to be true you hear how you can start to promote that campaign for as little as $1 dollar.

How to create your topic wheel. What type of videos you’ll want to create why, how, and what.

How most businesses fail with their content by trying to create the “exact logic.”

Why don't you see 99% of what your contacts on Facebook are posting?

What is the Facebook algorithm looking for?

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